Welcome to the most Exclusive, Diverse, Confidential International Introduction Agency for true love and meaningful connections. No Algorithms or Bots, no visible profiles or Swipes. We are not a dating app. We are a team of passionate, experienced mindful Matchmakers and Coaches who understand the stress of modern dating and are here to reduce the burden on your behalf to help you focus on other aspects of life, providing a more traditional, personal and holistic approach to dating.

Embark On Your Journey Towards Finding True Love


Finding a partner is easy, its finding a soulmate that's the hard part and that's where we come in. We are here to help reduce the burden of dating through a more exclusive and tailored service.

Exclusive Search

We combine in-house research along with an extensive network of high profile professionals to present you with candidates who are vetted and ready for commitment. 

Retained Matchmaker

You're assigned a personal matchmaker to help guide you through the process of finding a partner.  Our matchmaking strategy involves a personality test combined with a series of psychological assessment where we take your values, beliefs, interest, lifestyle and personal preference into consideration to ensure you're introduced to someone compatible. We don't just introduce you to a prospect and close shop. We're with you all the way to exclusivity. 

Database Search

We work with a team of international matchmakers and coaches to broaden your options to achieve the ultimate matchmakers goal, which is to lead you to a life partner. With a large international database of eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes, we ensure just that.


Depending on the membership package you choose to go with,  you get to experience romance in style. 

Think of us as your personal Goddess Of Love here to make your dream a reality by guiding you towards your perfect match.

What makes Us unique?

The MME Agency isn't a dating app. We are an offline introduction agency with No swipes, bots, visible profiles or algorithms. Just a team of humans who have experience in dating and all facets of relationships. Through our experience and theoretical knowledge, we amalgamate our skills to ensure you're mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically ready for a relationship then help you find The One.


Over the years we've introduced singletons who have found true love and established a life partnership in marriage. We want you to experience a similar journey.   


Our team includes certified Matchmakers, a Dating Coach, Relationship Coach, Confidence Coach, Self Development Coach, Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. 

You're One Step Closer To Finding True Love


Virtual Team Meeting

Mandy Mee

Matchmaker & Dating Coach

Mandy is a certified life and mindfulness coach, Founder and the Uk's No1 traditional, diverse, Matchmaker & Dating Coach for professionals and celebrities at The MME Agency. A British with a passion for love and relationships. Having successfully matched a number of singletons over the years, Mandy sought to turn her Passion for Matchmaking and Coaching into a profession, offering dating advice to help singletons navigate their way through modern dating, and guiding couples with relationship coaching for a healthy balanced relationship. Mandy introduces eligible singletons offline with a traditional mindset and one goal in mind, to establish a long term relationship and marriage.

Wojciech Mach.jpg

Wojcieh Mach

Confidence Coach

Wojciech is a Confidence Coach and Author, transforming boys into men and Men into Leaders. He offers a wealth of knowledge on how to build Mens confidence, helping Men familiarise themselves with their masculine energy, court women with a spring in their step, and show up as leaders among society and relationships. 

Through Confidence Coaching, you're able to understand your manhood, and achieve more out of life with an immense sense of self awareness and self love. 

Luca Pisetta.

Luca Pisetta

Bespoke Image Consultant

Luca’s creations are designed to support the best version of yourself and elevate you inside and out. He will give you the boost you require to lead any situation. His personal ambition is to fulfil your soul with designs that will empower you to succeed. He works hard to produce various collections suitable at every moment: from formal business’ meeting to your dreamy date night, to the Gala dinner or the casual event.

Nat Rich

Nat Rich

Self Development Coach

Nat Rich is a serial entrepreneur, Personal Responsibility and Self Development Coach helping everyone from high profile DJs to their tour managers, to freelancers, employees and their CEOs, tune in with their unique vibration, own their awkwardness, discover what they’re avoiding and set important boundaries to help them get the most out of life and relationships. 

Paulina Gzik

Paulina Gzik

Stylist / Image Consultant​

After years of working in London and abroad, Paulina uses her experience to create a stylish look that accentuates your image and makes your wardrobe more pleasurable, not a hassle. Paulina’s educational background in social science, and experience in running an educational therapy, solidifies her expertise to understand clients' needs. 

Kristen Symbula

Kristen Symbula

Wellness & Mindset Coach

(New York)

With over 10 years experience, Kristen has combined a passion for the humanities, dance, and body movement with a relentless focus on helping individuals achieve measurable outcomes.

Whether in her classes or workshops, she is a stalwart believer in the proposition that "positive thinking", with discipline, yields transformational breakthroughs. 


A Date in the Forest

Alan, Entrepreneur

It's such a relief  to find an agency that does a lot of filtering to ensure i'm presented with a woman who is ready and serious about commitment as much as I am. 

Heart Cookies

Elizabeth, Business Analyst

I love the fact I have the option to either grant The MME Agency permission to reveal my profile to potential prospects or refrain from disclosing my image and have a blind date instead.

Lovers on a Rocky Beach

Mark, Entrepreneur

I had no idea how much goes into Dating till I spoke to Mandy. A conversation with her feels so therapeutic. She made me realise there's a whole lot more to finding a compatible partner than just having chemistry.

Client-Friendship Support

Next Level Service

Our personal Matchmaking and Coaching services exist to make your life easier and stress free with a traditional and holistic approach to dating. You can trust us to present you with like-minded matches as well as top quality customer services. Our client-friendship approach is warm, filled with banter and laughs. We want you to feel as relaxed as possible when communicating with Us, we don't see you as just a client but a friend.

We Plan Your Experience


Our luxury concierge services is specifically tailored to your needs to give you a dating experience like no other. Chivalry isn't dead, it's right here waiting for you to take the plunge.

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