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The MME Agency Testimonial

 Mandy and I worked together years ago, she's such an amazing character who seemed to always feel the need to matchmake me at work (not with colleagues of course!). Perhaps I always looked miserable, especially when I hadn't had my morning Cuppa. 

After months of teasing I gave in. I like that Mandy has a really diverse network of people you wouldn't meet on a random night out in Shoreditch. I was introduced to a lovely lady and we've been happily spooning for 2 years and I'm considering on popping the capital Q. I hope I haven't jinxed it by sharing this story.. Ah!

John, 31 - London

The MME Agency Testimonial

I was introduced to Mandy by a Client of mine sometime in 2013. I had been single for far too long and was ready to start a new chapter with someone special. We're typical Africans and so traditional when it comes to dating. I wouldn't speak for the masses but I've never been a fan of online dating and was always willing to consider a mutual introduction than registering on a dating app (quite invasive). I'm a private individual; a Businessman whom isn't glued to social media.


My Client mentioned Mandy's career and her circle of friends / colleagues so assumed she'd be the best person to introduce me to my type of woman; someone educated, of class and values.  After 7 months or so, I was finally introduced to my rock thanks to Mandy and 4 years later; we're happily Married.


Mandy seems to have that je ne sais quoi (big smile). If you're single and looking for that real Love, then you're in the right hands with Mandy. 

Sam, 40 - London

The MME Agency Testimonial

Some of us can relate to that familiar feeling and loss of hope that you may never find the one.

After years of being involved in bad relationships and a hurtful break-up, I gave up hope of finding love. I have now come to realise one can’t be too restricted when seeking love as you never know when or how you can meet the life partner you seek.


Two friends of mine were single and searching so I introduced them to each other. Unknown to me this was the beginning of me finding my love. In turn my friend; Mandy, being the romantic she is, did not want me left out so she asked the gentleman I introduced her to, if he had eligible friends to match me with. I was then presented with two options and with the advice of Mandy (MME) combined with my instincts, I am filled with joy that I made the right choice. A man whom altered every doubt or stereotype that all men were terrible or are “Trash” as the saying goes.


We dated over time and I didn’t make it easy for him but his caring nature and thoughtfulness which I considered marvellous, soon softened the wall I had built around myself. My Mr right always knew the right things to do at the perfect time and I was on Cloud 100; I began to see a future with him. On a surprise trip to Dubai, he proposed and history is in the making. Happily Married with a beautiful daughter.


Mandy Mee has a vast network of eligible individuals and is very diligent in what she does. Mandy adds that personal touch; “The MME touch” and goes the extra mile to make a suitable match. She believes in love and her passion is undeniably the driving force and motivation that makes her excellent at what she does. Take a leap of faith and join me on Cloud 100.

Vanessa, 33 - London

The MME Agency Testimonial

I have known Mandy for years, in fact we went to high school together. Although I was her Senior, I have always had lots of Respect for Mandy. Her ambition and resilience is admirable. Anytime anyone needs something done, Mandy is the best person for the Job. 

After completing my Masters in England, the next couple of goals I needed to accomplish was to acquire a good job, then a Wife. I had the first covered but not the second. I told Mandy to help me find a Wife. The first introduction was to a lovely lady who fit my physical requirements but I later realised I needed a deeper connection beyond aesthetics. The second introduction however, was worth the wait. We were so compatible, I made sure I put a ring on her finger within the year. 

The strangest thing is, it started off as a long distance Relationship, I had finally moved back to Lagos; Nigeria after my Masters in England and she was based in France.  She is also Nigerian, from the same Tribe as myself; Igbo. The relationship started off nice and smooth, we were consistent, both made the effort to communicate and visit one another. Mandy kept in touch from time to time to assess how we were doing which I appreciated. We now live in Canada,  happily married for 3 years and counting, and blessed with a beautiful child. 


Chibuzor, 40 - Canada

The MME Agency Testimonial

I wasn't looking for a Relationship when Mandy introduced me to my girlfriend. To be honest I was keen on meeting new friends because I was in the process of self development at the time so just wanted to be around the right people.


Perhaps I was looking for some sort of inspiration from the opposite sex then met someone who literally transformed my life beyond my imagination. Thanks to Mandy I found a woman I didn't realise I was looking for but needed. 

Matt 29 - NY

The MME Agency Testimonial

Relationship advice from the right person is key! And that is exactly what I found when I got in touch with Mandy. Some advice can make you more confused or react in a more detrimental way towards your partner or simply cause you to make the situation worse but when I reached out to Mandy I was met with sound minded balanced and valuable advice that led me to think clearly aside of my emotions and only act after careful reflection.


Non judgemental or intrusive, Mandy asked questions to seek to understand my relationship issue and then counselled me to respond to my partner and issue at hand in a calm and effective manner that in turn, helped me to get through a challenging time and eventually get back on track with my relationship.


Just by speaking to Mandy I sensed that she is very experienced and knowledgeable in sustaining valuable relationships where both parties work towards a goal of building something that withstands the test of time.  I didn't feel like Mandy was just trying to gather a hot topic on my relationship status, as I mentioned she respected my privacy and genuinely seemed to care about giving me the right advice specially tailored to me.


Easy to talk to, understanding and passionate in bringing and keeping people together and that’s why I would recommend Mandy to anybody!

Dianne, 31 - London

The MME Agency Testimonial

Matchmaking for Mandy is truly second nature as I've witnessed her skills in social settings.  Her passion for love radiates around her like a fairytale. Whenever I have relationship issues, she's the first point of contact because I know Mandy will be so blunt yet compassionate with her advice.


Although I wasn't matched by Mandy, I'm certainly pleased to have such positive light in my life to give the right advice with relationship issues 

Mark 42 - LA

The MME Agency Testimonial

On a night in a busy bar in Shepherds Bush; London, a stone throw away from where Mandy and I worked, Mandy asked me to pick out my type of guy from the crowd, who I described was the quiet guy who sat across the office. He was behind me at the bar.


(Without my permission!) Mandy took the opportunity to approach him to tell him I liked him. To my astonishment, he said he liked me too then we were introduced. We’re still together after two and a half years later and we now only ever refer to Mandy as Cupid.

Mandy is a warm socialite who takes opportunity upon her stride. I'm certain you can rely on her services and brand; The MME Agency to find you the man or woman of your dreams. 


Emmey, 27 - London

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