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"You deserve abundance, grab it by the horns."

Matchmaker, Dating & Relationship Coach 

Mandy Mee


Feeling stuck? At crossroads in your emotional life? Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. As a certified team of Coaches, specialising in Date Coaching, Confidence and Relationship Coaching, we can help you navigate modern dating successfully.


Whether you require tips on overcoming a bad breakup, attracting quality prospects, how to start and maintain a conversation with a significant other, boost your self confidence, prep for a date or make a first impression count. We're here to help you get from where you are to where you need to be.


With a single coaching session or coaching packages, you're one step closer to achieving results.


Our relationship coaching service is designed to nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve a new and improved outlook on the relationship you have with yourself and others. We cater to our clients personal needs in order to unlock their full potential to start attracting abundance and a quality partner. 


If you feel in disarray by modern dating and all its challenges, we are here to help you become unstuck. We devise strategic solutions to guide you through modern dating with ease and intention. Our holistic approach touches on your mindset, image and core values.


There is nothing we find more exciting than encouraging people to discover their natural beauty and making it shine. Our experts start out by selecting pieces based on their perception of your personality and style. As a fashion forward team that is passionate about helping you love the way you look, we provide expert advice to create a well-rounded, stylish, and sophisticated wardrobe—because what you wear speaks of who you are.

Image by Zane Persaud


Looking good is good business and a first impression goes a long way. With a plethora of beautiful single people scouting for love, it’s important to stand out to attract The One.  Our 1:1 Personal Guide is here to help you add some spring to your steps by enhancing the beauty within through image consultation, personal styling, and a photoshoot along with coaching to help eradicate your limiting beliefs. Increase your opportunity of finding a partner with a new mindset, an improved image and a holistic approach to navigate modern dating.

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