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While working with our client-friends, we’re constantly learning about their needs and managing inquiries that arise. As a result, we’ve included a list of frequently asked questions along with answers in order to provide additional support. If your question isn’t addressed below, get in touch and one of our personal matchmakers or coaches will provide the information you need.

What if I am not satisfied with MME?

The MME Team will make an effort to go above and beyond your needs. We aim to find you the most compatible match. If our service isn't satisfactory enough, we'd analyse the issues and offer an extension to your package within reason then review your criteria to create a new strategy for achieving the goal of finding the most compatible Elite for you.

Are there any benefits for first-time customers?

We always aim to please our client-friends and offer benefits which vary from a spa session, beauty treatments, discounts on bookings or membership plans, theatre tickets, 3 course meal in a luxurious restaurant to drinks on us.

Is there a Customer referral program?

Yes we certainly do have a referral program. If you refer a friend, you can earn up to 10% or an additional month on your membership package. We generate special codes for you which you can share to your friends to activate the referral benefits. Please note; terms and conditions may apply.

What is your demographic?

We have a diverse clientele from all walks of life with an age ranging from 28 - 70.

How do I know who I match with, is it a blind date?

Once we assess your match, we file your top three and present you with a brief background of your potential match then discuss their profile with you to give you an idea of who they are and what they value most. We give you the opportunity to choose which profile sounds close to your criteria but will discuss our top three with you and advice you on the best compatible match. Upon presentation, we then organise your first blind date. 

Can we exchange contact information when we meet our match?

Contact information can only be exchanged after MME receives feedback on the outcome of date from both parties. If both parties give positive feedback and are interested in taking things to the next stage, MME will exchange contact information accordingly.

Help Center

What do the membership packages include?

You can find a list of what's included in our membership package on our membership or pricing plan page.  Visit or

Does each membership have a time frame?

Yes they do - Love takes time to find and we're very disciplined with our search so that we deliver an Elite service. Our packages vary in price and specification with a 6 - 12 months subscription to enable us find your ideal match.

What if I'm spoilt for choice? 

We will advice you follow your instincts and not your head. If you meet a partner who ticks all the boxes we encourage you to go with the energy and allow yourself become vulnerable to love.

What happens if M.M.E is unable to find a match?

We will offer an extension on your package and ensure we review your criteria efficiently. We will also advice you on other steps we can take to help you find your imperfectly perfect match. Finding a partner is easy but finding someone compatible takes time, we hope you can be patient with Us. 

Help Center

Why aren't there pictures of candidates on your website?

MME is a personal matchmaking agency, we are the alternative to online dating. We do not reveal pictures of our candidates online for privacy reasons and our niche is to offer a personal touch to all our clients by presenting them with eligible professionals. However, clients do have the option of viewing client profiles in a more confidential way.

What's the cancellation policy on bookings and membership plans?

What if I fall for someone and still have options left on my membership?

Our Exclusive and Non-exclusive members have the benefit of forwarding their options to a family or friend or use their benefits to network for Business opportunities.

Do you matchmake the LGBTQ group?

If we receive an application from someone within the group, we'd endeavour to refer them to a Matchmaker who specialises in LGBTQ matchmaking.  Everyone deserves to love and be loved. 

To cancel plan or consultation bookings, please contact Us within 48hrs after booking. No refunds are available after this period. To reschedule bookings, contact Us at least 24hrs in advance.

Do you only accept professionals? What if I am unemployed?

As much as we'd like to cater to everyone, our services are only provided to professionals. We know how tedious dating can be for hardworking individuals who may not have the time to meet someone of interest.

Can I sign up for free?

You can join our Free Database, simply fill out an application and we may consider you for an introduction. We do not actively help you look for a match and you wouldn't be considered a priority like our Exclusive / Non-exclusive members.

Help Center

Do you match single parents?

Absolutely, we have a number of single parents registered with us. Single parents are the most interesting groups we cater to because they have life experiences that we can learn from and can share with you. We take pride in matching a single parent because it's one of the most difficult challenges considering children are involved.

What are the calibre of members in your books

Our members are ambitious individuals from all walks of life who have a set of values and integrity they live by. We appreciate every candidate who applies to tell us about their profession, business and financial background so we can match you appropriately. 

Do you travel to meet clients?

We travel to meet our Elite and Diamond members for consultation when needed, if they are local, we arrange a convenient location, otherwise we meet international members virtually. 

Can we get a refund on MME services ?

We have a 48 hrs refund policy for our membership packages. Once a membership payment is made, client has 48 hrs to request a refund. Any issue made outside this timeframe will not be considered and a refund will not be made.  

Please see our terms when making a booking.

Do you matchmake single people from all over the world?

We hope to expand our services and cover every country but for now our main matchmaking focus covers countries and cities around Europe, Africa and North America.

Can I have a matches number before meeting them?

Numbers are only exchanged If both matches agree to progress to the next stage after a second date.  We then send the required information to both parties and guide them through the process within the first 3 months of dating. 

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