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While we do offer the best quality services, what really makes The MME Agency great is our incredible team. Passionate, experienced, talented and friendly individuals with a goal to help single men and women find their imperfectly perfect match, improve their mental health and confidence through self-development, supporting ambitions to aid thought leaders and ensure a healthy mindset. Get to know the people behind the business, who are dedicated to making sure your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

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Mandy Mee


Mandy is the Founder, Matchmaker & Dating Coach of The MME Agency. A British with a passion for love and relationships. 

Having successfully matched a number of singletons over the years, Mandy sought to turn her Passion for Matchmaking and Coaching into a profession, offering dating advice to help singletons navigate their way through modern dating and introducing eligible singletons offline with a traditional mindset and the hope of establishing a long term relationship.


Mandy's network is of the Elite and she is skilled with the work ethic, business acumen, compassion, and relationship experience to ensure you're matched with your soulmate.

Mandy's impeccable sense of humour, attracts positive and influential minds. She is a sucker for romance, an advocate for love and relationships.

Mandy is described by Clients and her Team as wise, empathetic, socialble, empowering, nurturing, and straightforward. Her values and principles on life and relationships shine through her work ethic and she continues to radiate such energy in every part of the Business. 


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Wojciech Mach

Networker & Confidence Coach

Wojciech is a Global Superconnector, Networker creating travelprofiters, Confidence Coach transforming boys into men. He is also a breakthrough book co-author and investor 


Although his background has been mechanical engineering and project management with over 16 years of work experience in the automotive industry he has discovered his true passion – Networking.


He has been learning and applying leadership skills through a network marketing unique training platform. He became a director - servant leader creating travelprofiters as an independent Worldventures representative. As a side effect he has been effectively connecting people in business globally to create mutually rewarding value and excellent trust based connections.


Outside of his main business Wojciech growing up was insecure and lacked self confidence especially around women – he went on to overcome it and now is transforming boys into men through his confidence coaching and GoForConfidence challenge. 

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Nat Rich

Self Development Coach

Nat Rich is a serial entrepreneur, Personal Responsibility and Self Development Coach helping everyone from high profile DJs to their tour managers, to freelancers, employees and their CEOs, tune in with their unique vibration, own their awkwardness, discover what they’re avoiding and set important boundaries to help them get the most out of life and relationships. 

Born in Devon and raised in Yorkshire, Nat is direct, warm and loves to talk about business, motivation, music and universal mysteries. She’s sober, drug-free and abstained from sex for over 3 years and now runs all of her companies and projects with a zero social media policy as she believes we need to go back to human interaction to create deeper bonds in our life.

Nat is regularly featured for her work in Stylist Magazine, Balance Magazine, Marie Claire, Timeout, Metro, Closer plus many more publications. 


Kristen Symbula

Wellness & Mindset Coach

  (New York)

With over 10 years experience, Kristen has combined a passion for the humanities, dance, and body movement with a relentless focus on helping individuals achieve measurable outcomes.

Whether in her classes or workshops, she is a stalwart believer in the proposition that "positive thinking", with discipline, yields transformational breakthroughs. 

Kristen first incorporated mindfulness techniques into her own life while living in New York City and competing in belly dance competitions internationally while also building a dance-therapy treatment program for patients suffering from severe schizophrenia at a Philadelphia-based psychiatric treatment centre.

An awareness of human fragility blended with an interest in the way some individuals learn to optimise their "best selves" while others fail to do so further confirmed her belief in the efficacy of meditation as a spiritual sword and shield in the battle for excellence. 

Her philosophy, in short, is one of “find a mate, and change the world”. In her “off time”, Kristen (who is certified in yoga, meditation, and Thai massage) is working toward her master’s degree in Anthropology at Harvard University. She also enjoys travel, particularly in Italy, Greece, and Brazil. 

Paulina Gzik

Stylist & Image Consultant

Paulina works with the highest professional standards, she is conscientious and extremely well organized, taking a very flexible approach with her work. She has experience in styling for photoshoots, commercials, television, and fashion shows. She has worked with reputable brands, from celebrities to that of corporate industries. In order to meet client's requirements, Paulina approaches each client individually with attention to detail and commitment.

Paulina Gzik

Luca Pisetta

Bespoke Image Consultant

Luca’s creations are designed to support the best version of yourself and elevate you inside and out. He will give you the boost you require to lead any situation. His personal ambition is to fulfil your soul with designs that will empower you to succeed. He works hard to produce various collections suitable at every moment: from formal business’ meeting to your dreamy date night, to the Gala dinner or the casual event. His productions are aimed to be communicative, through colours and styles, spreading positivity, charisma, courage, love, and kindness but also, with innovative designs that will ensure you stand out and feel unique in your circle.

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