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Stay current with Dating lingos and build your self confidence with our Guides & Ebooks

—  By Mandy Mee

Top 50 Dating Terms You Need To Master.j

Top 50 Dating Terms You Need To Master "Don't get played get schooled"


Dating in the millennial generation has become a challenge with dating lingos such as Ghosting and Submarining sweeping through the dating community. If you've been in hiding, away from the dating scene for a while then you'd need to master these top 50 dating terms to prepare your mindset - don't get played, get schooled.


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This Guide contains 4 Chapters and 50 pages. Chapter 1 - contains (1 -2)  Introduction to dating terms of the generation. Chapter 2 contains (3 - 21) The Top 50 dating terms to master, and chapter 3 contains (22-24) a summary of the content and about the author.


Traffic: Dating Journal

Traffic: Dating Journal

From £25

The Traffic Light Dating Assessment Journal is a fun way to keep track of your love life. Assess your level of compatibility with a match by journaling your experiences and qualities you look for in a partner. See if each date fits your requirements. Using the traffic light signal, determine what flag your date exudes, identify your triggers and how they affect your emotions. Highlight examples under each category from Red Flag, Amber Flag to Green Flag to stay on top of things. Whenever your emotion tries to get the best of you, your Journal will serve as a reminder of the flags you need to be mindful of to ensure a healthy Relationship.

M To S  - Mind To Soul _ A Mindful Guide

Mind To Soul - A Mindful Guide Of Daily Affirmations


Are you keen on regaining your happiness and taking back control over your life? If so, I highly recommend the straightforward methods of this Ebook; Mind To Soul - A mindful guide of daily affirmations to remind you of your self-worth by Matchmaker & Dating Coach, Mandy Mee. 


This Ebook offers you an easy to read yet effective guide to begin your transformational journey towards happiness, eradicating limiting beliefs, and restoring faith in your self worth. It’s been written as a result of personal experiences, backed up by study. 


The most important investment in life is your wellbeing and the step towards self development is only one decision away.


By allocating a few minutes of your time each day to recite these affirmations tailored to your week, you increase your possibilities towards a loving and balanced lifestyle. These affirmations can be shuffled and recited as you please. 



Coming Soon,  Summer 2023.

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