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8 Ways To Attract A Man

One of the biggest concerns our clients face is self-confidence and the inability to attract and maintain a man's attraction.

A common hindrance of self-confidence is your perception of other peoples perception of you. As cliche as it may seem, the fact is once you stop giving power to your own self-critic and that of the opinion of others, your sense of self-worth and confidence is bound to increase.

With that said, here are 8 ways to attract a Man.

1. Beauty

Although beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, Men are visual beings who are attracted to aesthetics first before anything else. Beautiful women increase a man's attraction.

You don’t need to look like a supermodel to look beautiful but you do need to take care of yourself, look presentable, feminine and sensual.

2. Confidence

Men are attracted to women who exude confidence not arrogance. Confidence shows reliability, it is the quality of being certain, certain of who you are and who you are not. What you will and wouldn’t stand for.

A confident woman is self aware, secure, has goals, ambitions, boundaries and standards. She strives for greatness despite her fears. Confident women are risk takers, whatever they do in life, is done confidently even when faced with obstacles.

Confident women are resilient and communicate assertively which men find alluring.

3. Personality

Personality is a combination of distinct qualities that make an individual's character. Men are attracted to women who encompass a level of emotional intelligence and intellect. Women who are affectionate, patient, nurturing, kind, compassionate, independent with a sense of humour are attractive to men.

Personality maintains a man's attraction. When dating a man who is driven by looks, an average woman with a great personality has a better chance maintaining his level of attraction than a supermodel or aesthetically enhanced woman who is insecure with a displeasing character.

4. Interest and lifestyle

Men are attracted to women who have eccentric interests or interests that are similar to theirs. Passions, hobbies and skills are what makes a woman unique to a man.

Men are also attracted to women who have an intriguing or active lifestyle as opposed to a woman who lives a mundane and predictable lifestyle.

A woman who has an adventurous lifestyle excites a man and encourages him to step outside his comfort zone to new horizons.

5. Freedom

Space makes the heart grow fonder and Men love their freedom. Men are attracted to women who aren’t obsessively clingy and know when to give them some space. As much as women love attention, men also love attention but in moderation and a balance that feels less intoxicating.

With trust, respect and communication, freedom when dating or in a relationship encourages you to grow independently in your relationship. It nourishes your sense of identity and allows you to build a committed relationship from a friendship that is free from control and possessiveness.

6. Conflict Resolution

Men are attracted to women who know how to fight right, mindfully without letting an issue fester.

As women are fond of Silent treatment which works best when your intention is based on self reflection, when it becomes a habit used mainly for selfish reasons, it does not appeal to men.

Men consider women who are able to find solutions rather than problems after a fight really attractive. It also encourages them to do better.

7. Smile

A smile is one of the most powerful tools a woman can use to attract a man. It shows that a woman is approachable and accentuates her femininity.

When dating, a smile serves as reassurance to a man that you’re still interested in him and continue to warm up to him.

A smile when in a relationship affirms that all is well regardless of what you may go through.

8. Honesty

Understandably, most people want to put their best foot forward on first dates but it’s important to be mindful that whatever foot you choose to put forward is honest. Honesty allows a man to prepare for the expected and unexpected.

Whether you feel nervous about sharing something related to your past such as a divorce or having children, when getting to know someone based on a lie, you create a foundation that will have a negative impact on the outcome of your potential relationship.

The way you start dating should compliment your dating goals and the type of healthy relationship you hope to achieve.

Men are attracted to women who are honest. It makes them feel you can be trusted. Once trust is broken, it’s usually hard to get back.

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