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16 Red Flags To Look Out For When Dating

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

After reading these signs you might find them so relatable and wish you had known them before establishing a relationship with the "EX". I hope you take note and apply them to your next assessment. If you come across someone who has a number of these red flags, walk the opposite direction for your own good. :)

  1. Relationship hoarder : Unresolved issues with ex partners and old flings

  2. Lack of Discipline : = Baggage = Drama: Has children with too many exes

  3. Over-complimenting you : Says all the right things to get into your good books. Manipulative strategy.

  4. Always plays the victim : Talks a lot about exes negatively

  5. Unable to understand their emotion : Has a misconception of Love for every relationship - They thought they loved but realised after 3 years they weren't in Love ( In repeat)

  6. Self centered : Shows more interest in talking about themselves than getting to know you. Always puts self over anyone else.

  7. Controlling : Tries to change who you are and do things on their terms.

  8. Naysayer : Never has anything positive to say about your accomplishments, endeavours or about people in general - Is prone to see life half empty than half full.

  9. Still lives at parents home, pays no bills - Lacks independence

  10. Unable to resolve issues and overreacts on minute issues.

  11. Lacks empathy and never puts your feelings into consideration

  12. Impulsive - Unpredictable

  13. History of violence

  14. Narcissistic personality disorder - Thinks the world revolves around them, all their exes want them back, to be fair some attributes above constitutes narcissistic behaviours.

  15. Irresponsible, takes no responsibility for anything and struggles to apologise

  16. Always assumes to know your thoughts and how you should respond to issues

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