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Your Future Husband May Be Your Exes Friend

It's not unusual to have second thoughts once you realise your new found interest is somehow connected to an ex. Understandably, most people wouldn't appreciate an Ex in any form of proximity to a person they fancy and hope to build a future with for personal reasons. However, an ex will never have the power to taint your relationship unless he/she is permitted. In such predicament, simply reassure whomever you choose to date and maintain boundaries with your ex at arms length; make sure that arm is long enough. Imagine a scenario where you meet the Man of your dreams in a foreign land through an unusual connection and that special someone turns out to be your potential match then thanks to social media, you find that he's friends with your ex and in fact, studied in the same University. Will you let go of the opportunity to build something worthwhile and fulfilling based on such coincidence? I think not.

Life is way too short and small to miss out on what could be the best thing you've ever had. Hence, Your future husband or wife may be your exes friend. Spread your wings and let the Universe guide you


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