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Modern Dating is tough and it’s certainly not for the fainthearted, especially during the Pandemic.

Matchmaker & Dating Coach, Mandy Mee shares her expert tips on Finding love amidst Covid 19, without dating apps.

Here are practical tips to help you meet like-minded singletons in lockdown.

Online Dating has a certain stigma and is perceived by most to be more of a hookup platform than a space to find true. That’s not to say there aren’t people who’ve found love on dating Apps but imagine searching for a needle in a haystack - Cringeworthy right.

Dating Apps are so time consuming, and the swipe culture doesn’t make it any easier either. Humans tend to get indecisive when faced with too many options, which results in one feeling spoilt for choice. To top it off, not only do you have a plethora of humans available on your finger tips to engage with, there are also a number of Dating Apps on the market featuring several perks, so you’d need to conduct some research to assess which best suits you, but brace yourself, cause it’s not for the fainthearted.

Whether you prefer an App that is designed to have women take the lead to shoot their shot first or perhaps one formatted to be used once a week, whichever you fancy, there’s a dating app waiting for you to put your best foot forward.

The Pandemic has forced a lot of singletons to spend time with themselves. Professionals who have busy schedules, lack the time to date and those who have never really fancied online dating tend to occupy themselves with career goals and self improvement. The thought of dating for some seems like a chore.

England has been in lockdown for over 2 months, singletons have conformed to the new normal, women especially who’ve gotten so comfortable in their sweatpants, joggers and hair in a permanent bun have anxieties by the thought of dating and all the stress that comes with it.

Prepping for the lift of lockdown in the UK and getting back to the dating scene with makeup and a fashion statement piece just feels like too much effort most can’t be bothered with. Perhaps if they knew the effort was towards The RIGHT One, they’d feel more excited about getting ready to look like Cinderella for Prince charming.

When people get older, being single isn’t fun and the hunt becomes more tiresome. People just want to meet people who are self aware, ready and know exactly what they want or preferably “need”. No one has time to be Ghosted, Catfished, or Benched. To think that modern dating has given rise to dating terms based on the reality of common occurrences, such terms, gives you an idea of what to expect.

With that said, if you’re not a fan of Dating Apps and are aware that the love of your life wouldn’t come knocking on your door like a postman, then you’d need to put yourself out there to be found. I don’t mean posting a picture of yourself on social media with SINGLE written on your forehead but don’t act like you’re in a relationship on social media if you want to be taken seriously.

Here are ways you can still meet singletons from the comfort of your sofa during lockdown, in a subtle and less complicated way.

Social Media!

There are lots of social media platforms on the market and the most rated spaces to connect with like-minded singletons, says Matchmaker & Dating Coach, is Clubhouse, Instagram and Linkedin.


Clubhouse is an audio based social media App that gives you the opportunity to talk about your passions or engage in conversations with Business Tycoons, Professionals, and Experts on subjects related to your interest.

You have the option to opt out of serious conversations and tap into social rooms that are created to help you genuinely network with like-minded people. There are also rooms organised by Dating Coaches & Matchmakers such as Mandy Mee, who creates Clubhouse rooms for single professionals, where you have the opportunity to speak about what you look for in a partner to attract the right match. A Bachelor in the room may be intrigued by your criteria and finds you interesting by what you say, how you speak and the information displayed in your bio, so you never know who’d be shooting their shot in your DM’s.

Although Clubhouse is almost 2 years old, there are people who have already found true love on the social App.

The cool thing about Clubhouse as well is that if you come across someone you fancy, you can call them directly in a private room on the App. Clubhouse is the real deal when it comes to establishing human connection through social media but the only downside for now is that it's still in Beta stage and only available to Iphone users.


Instagram is a great way to meet people. The best way to filter potential prospects is by going through hashtags. If you search for tags related to dating, single, single in London, mens fashion, Women's style, women in business, professionals in London - You get the drift! You’ll find profiles of people within those tags. You can then take a scroll through each profile to see if there’s any sign that shows they’re spoken for. If the coast is clear, like a picture that catches your interest and once the person views their notifications, they’d most likely return the favour. You may find someone sending you a message, and that’s how your new chapter begins. Relationships should have a solid foundation of friendship, that’s what social media offers - Friendship first.


Like Instagram, LinkedIn has a similar hunting technique but considering LinkedIn is more of a professional platform, the best way to approach someone is to search for the professional network you’d like to date. For example if you’re in the finance industry and would like to connect with someone within the same industry, search for people who have the specific job role you seek. A list of profiles will come up, that way you can go through each person's profile to understand the sort of content they post, should their interests match yours, you have a good reason to engage.

The mutual interest you share, gives you an idea of how to start a conversation, for example, you can start with a topic related to their most recent post, profession and interest.

Remember, social media is a networking platform but most people don’t really take advantage of the benefit it has to offer. Whether you’re looking for work, opportunities or love, social media is like an oyster that gives you access to so many possibilities.

Finally, if you’d rather not do the work to find love, have a professional matchmaker do it for you. Personal Matchmaking boutiques like The MME Agency help you sieve through the farce by vetting prospects and introducing you to potential partners who are compatible for you. A more traditional and holistic approach to dating where your best interest is taken into consideration and your needs are met.

The MME Agency has a team of Matchmakers & Coaches who help you find your potential match and offer self development coaching to identify any patterns that may hinder your potential relationship. With a team of humans who understand what humans need combined with a database of Eligible Bachelors and Bachelorettes who seek meaningful relationships that will lead to marriage, The MME Agency offers absolute discretion, privacy and a confidential matchmaking process with the use of Psychology, Astrology and Intuitive techniques

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