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Holistic Approach

To dating

Guiding you through the process for optimal results

Often, dating coaches focus on just one subset of what constitutes dating. Needs and wants can sometimes be disconnected. As a result, your problems stem from this imbalanced view of what is really best for you. 

That’s why our approach is holistic. We will address body concerns to support a healthy over-all body image as well as a daily practice to help you relax.


Meditation techniques are beneficial practices with measurable results that work to help you let go of stress and anxiety, and energy clearings with guided coaching will be used to address false beliefs and blind spots to help you get CLEAR about what it is you really want.

Often, your subconscious beliefs and feelings may be controlling the results of your dating efforts. The problems you’re facing may not even be evident to you. Together, we’ll look into what’s best for you and determine a plan of action.

We offer two options for coaching, either a 1-2-1 individual 60mins coaching session or an on-going coaching package for 8 weeks which can all be booked online. For bookings click here



Mandy's dating and relationship techniques are based off of personal experiences, life and mindfulness study and professional experience. Mandy doesn't relent from asking questions that may cause you to feel uncomfortable.


She believes absolute transparency is a fast-track for diagnosing your concerns to understanding. Enabling appropriate strategical planning to help get you from limitations and expectations to fulfilment. 

Relationships aren't easy and often we focus more on what we receive from a relationship as opposed to what we can give to a relationship, forgetting team work makes the dream work and effective communication irons out any issues that may occur. 

Whether you require some guidance navigating your relationship towards greener pastures, or you need help resolving disputes, Mandy's coaching methods has yielded positive results in all types of Relationships.

Mandy keeps track of your progress through check-ins and for those who require confidence coaching to approach a person of interest, Mandy guides you in reality, on a number of sessions to assess how you get on.   

Are you willing and prepared to add some spark into your love life? Tired of attracting the wrong people or need​ some relationship guidance? If so, Mandy; your personal Dating and Relationship Coach is here to help you realise your true potential and resolve any relationship conflict you may have for a healthier dating and relationship experience. 


Mandy coaches you through the following with the use of Life & Mindfulness coaching techniques


1. Understand the power of Communication skills and learn how to read body language

2. Improve your relationship from a place of lack to abundance

3. Master the art of detachment and overcome a divorce or break up with a light at the end of the tunnel

4. Learn the art of flirtation and seduction to spice up your relationship

5. Enhance your self-worth with bespoke techniques

6. Learn the art of Approach and build your self-confidence

Modern dating is vicious and high value women especially need to build a tough skin whilst maintaining their femininity to be able to attract the right partner and keep him. With Mandy's blunt dating and relationship coaching, you're not  therapised, instead you're guided and presented with tools to get your mindset right, creating a shift with an outpour of everything you desire. 

To Book A Consultation With Mandy, Click Here


Wojciech is your Confidence Coach, who will help you improve your self-confidence by assessing your mindset, image and confidence level to create the best strategy to give you the courage to approach women, build relationships and understand the character traits of your potential partner.


Wojciech incorporates a scorecard which is used to track your progress to achieve your goal.

During your session, you will receive a "Go For Confidence Challenge" E-course with instruction for every day task

Assessment and scorecard at the completion of GFC after 20days or longer, depending on the pace at which you progress.

To Book A Consultation With Wojciech, Click Here


Experience a contemporary session with Luca, our Bespoke Image Consultant. Luca will take you through a consultation in a modern and classy showroom in the heart of the City of London, where over a coffee or a glass of champagne, we get to know our clients, while establishing a comfortable professional relationship.


While we get to know you, we also take your measurements, then proceed with fabric selection and the design of the garment. We then schedule you in after 3 weeks for an intermediate “basted” fitting if you decide to go for the full bespoke experience, otherwise we see you in 5/6 weeks time for the delivery of the suit ( we run fittings as well to make sure it fits perfectly, alterations might be needed sometimes).

We have a selection of Jacket and trousers which are both semi-bespoke and full bespoke garments. The difference between the two are for the creation of the basted fitting which are fully handmade, from the stitching to patterns and button hole, entirely drawn and cut by hand.


The procedures result in a unique fit, with layers of canvases at the fronts, enabling the jacket to sit gently on the chest, giving an incredible 3D look.


Our “Made to Measure” differs in the craftsmanship and it involves a more automated process. The patterns are drawn and cut by machine, as well as the stitching. Although it has the same fabrics as the bespoke experience, the prices vary.


To Book A Consultation With Luca , Click Here


​In addition to your Confidence Coaching,  Paulina is here to help you enhance your image and bring out the style in you with a 1-2-1 Consultation to understand the best colours that suit your skin-tone, conduct a full body measurement to either create a Bespoke outfit or improve your sense of fashion with trendy wardrobe that compliments your image.


A holistic transformation that is bound to make you feel better about yourself.

During your consultation, you'd have a full body analysis with Paulina to discuss your requirements, Paulina will address the following,


1. Body shape

2. Lifestyle

3. Budget

The consultation will help Paulina Identify your body shape and teach you the key rules on how to dress for your individual shape which will also include a mood board with the style inspiration suitable to your body shape and lifestyle.

A look-book will be curated to fulfil your brief and suggestions will be presented to you for your online shopping, all you need do is follow the link and make a purchase for your new collection. 


The outfits will be curated exclusively for you with your budget in mind and will include lots of mix and match pieces that can be worn in different ways. This package is also great if you have a special occasion and would love some expert advice before venturing to the shops.

To Book A Consultation With Paulina, Click Here


Style of coaching - The S.E.L.F Method™ 

The S.E.L.F method was created by the personal growth of your Coach, Nat, spanning over 12 years. S.E.L.F stands for Sound, Energy, Lifestyle and Freedom. 


During a coaching session with Nat, she delves into the following areas to help clients understand what is taking place in their life energetically that may be blocking them in the physical world.


The following techniques are split over 8 weeks for those interested in a Coaching package. Each section includes x 2 one hour coaching calls and some light homework split over 2 weeks for the duration of 8 weeks.

SOUND - Just as much as you like one genre of music, many people like another. Your natural vibe is your unique rhythm, it's the way to flow through life, it's where you can also find your sweet spot, where the attention goes, energy flows and you feel good both inside and out. Music is a powerful healer and learning to use both sound and the silence will help you to tap into parts of yourself that you may have found difficult to express.

ENERGY - Everything in our glorious universe is made of energy. Understanding how sound, energy and vibration work together is an essential part of self-development, helping you to bring your life into harmony and resonate with those around you. It's a basic understanding and a shift in perception that can make all the difference. 


LIFESTYLE - You may want to live a certain kind of lifestyle but if you keep making the same decisions, ignoring the warning signs and attracting the same kind of situations time and time again then what you are doing needs to be looked at and changed. We will look at what you are avoiding, what you are accepting, where your boundaries lie and what makes you feel the most awkward. 


FREEDOM - It only comes when you can sit with your true feelings and not run away from them. Once you have looked at your inner world in detail and what your problems are then you need to learn how to communicate what does and doesn't work in the outer world with both love, patience and compassion. It's here where we get you ready for your new life by working on interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and effective communication.  


By the end of your 8 weeks package, you would have been through 8hours worth of coaching  with worksheets and homework included to track your progress, ensuring positive results.

To Book A Consultation With Nat, Click Here


Kristen is your Wellness Coach guiding you with a holistic mind- body- spirit approach to transformation, incorporating personal development coaching, mindfulness, meditation training, yoga and postural therapy. Under her guidance, each individual co-creates a new reality of their choosing.


Each program is customised for the individual, taking into consideration his/her particular needs, goals, and abilities, tailored specifically to your desired goals. Improve your mindset to attract the partner of your dreams! 


If you want to rid yourself from negative self-talk and limiting stories, or you cannot seem to attract the partner you're looking for, or feeling like you are missing something and aren't able to get what you want then this may be the right program for you. 

We start with a hands-on approach. To be successful in dating and relationships you need to address these factors: 

The following techniques are split over 8 weeks for those interested in a Coaching package. Each section includes x 2 one hour coaching calls and some light homework split over 2 weeks for the duration of 8 weeks.

1. Know who you are and what it is that you want. 

2. Understand the science and energy of compatibility and attraction. 

3. Redefine what behaviours will get you there. 

These three parts in our mind-body-spirit approach, address every client’s unique personality and what the main areas of concern are. Once we know your truest desires we can begin to create from a place of authenticity. 


Often, your subconscious beliefs and feelings may be controlling the results of your dating efforts. The problems you’re facing may not even be evident to you. Together, we’ll look into what’s best for you and determine a plan of action. 


Meditation has a powerful effect on your brain, and balancing your biochemistry. There are several different styles and types of meditation. I will customise a plan with guided visualisations and affirmations to your choosing. By letting go of our preoccupations, we slowly become closer to full awareness. You will discover the keys to releasing stress, and anxiety.


Yoga can be helpful in many situations. It can help to alleviate pain, encourage weight loss, calm your mental chatter, and ease depression. The fact that the tradition has been around for over 5,000 years is a true testament to the very real benefits it offers. We customise what feels right for you and what is within your physical ability. Every pose can be altered and adjusted. Start a new practice from the comfort of your own home. Understand alignment, stay motivated and accountable, or advance an existing practice.

Postural Analysis 

You’ll be shown ways to improve your posture. You’ll improve your ability to accurately gauge your body position and change it for the better and learn how to move more efficiently with less strain. Even before I teach, we will walk through a series of postural exercises and movements to assess your overall flexibility, we can mix and match yoga and postural work, or just focus on one. We can either begin with an area of the body that might be in pain, or an overall area of concern for instance, balance, or neck flexibility. Postural work can be tedious and requires multiple sessions for improvement.


Mindfulness means paying attention, on purpose, to whatever is going on in the present moment without passing judgment on it. If you find yourself feeling stuck and unable to identify what’s holding you back, it’s time to take a nuanced look at your whole self. I begin every session with a clearing. While in a relaxed state, we will apply MEC technique (Muscle Energy Clearing) --which is a form of applied kinesiology (we do not need to be face to face). Using your muscle’s own energy in the form of a gentle contraction we will test your body’s truths (the muscle is strengthened) and we will test lies (the muscle is weakened). 


We will combine MEC technique with: 

  1. One on One ( Socratic Method/Access Consciousness) Coaching 

  2.  A Personalised Daily Practice and Setting Intentions 


This will enable us to let go of old patterns and beliefs as we begin to create new levels of awareness. Then let’s create a roadmap to undo, unknot, unrobe these more challenging barriers to promote a love-life balance and a more vibrant, holistic thriving life.

To Book A Consultation With Kristen, Click Here

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