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Luca Pisetta_

Bespoke Styling


Experience a contemporary session with Luca, our Bespoke Image Consultant. Luca will take you through a consultation in a modern and classy showroom in the heart of the City of London, where over a coffee or a glass of champagne, we get to know our clients requirements, while establishing a comfortable professional relationship.

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While we get to know you, we also take your measurements, then proceed with fabric selection and the design of the garment. We then schedule you in after 3 weeks for an intermediate “basted” fitting if you decide to go for the full bespoke experience, otherwise we see you in 5/6 weeks time for the delivery of the suit ( we run fittings as well to make sure it fits perfectly, alterations might be needed sometimes).

We have a selection of Jacket and trousers which are both semi-bespoke and full bespoke garments. The difference between the two are for the creation of the basted fitting which are fully handmade, from the stitching to patterns and button hole, entirely drawn and cut by hand.


The procedures result in a unique fit, with layers of canvases at the fronts, enabling the jacket to sit gently on the chest, giving an incredible 3D look.


Our “Made to Measure” differs in the craftsmanship and it involves a more automated process. The patterns are drawn and cut by machine, as well as the stitching. Although it has the same fabrics as the bespoke experience, the prices vary.

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